Informations for the Pilgrims

On behalf of the WYD Organizing Committee of the parishes of Buraca, Damaia and Venda Nova, we would like to extend the warmest welcome!

We are so happy and excited that you are joining us in this incredible event and we will be able to meet you! 

Below you’ll find information that we believe to be relevant and helpful in clearing up any doubts you may already have!

It is important that you READ the ENTIRETY of this message, so we kindly ask you to do so!


When you arrive in Lisbon you should head to the check-in location indicated in your voucher: ‘Igreja Paroquial do Santíssimo Redentor da Damaia’.


  • Google maps: link
  • Address: Largo da Igreja, Damaia, 2720-122 Amadora
  • Coordinates : 38.74593769025833 N, -9.218683134924783 W

The group’s check-in should be done by the group leader and/or vice-leader, who is responsible for collecting the pilgrim credentials and public transportation passes that will allow you to use the subway, train and buses. 

For check-in, it is essential to present your voucher, without it check-in cannot be done.

After checking-in, the pilgrim’s kits will be distributed to the group.

When you get to the check-in location please follow the signs put up and/or directions given by volunteers on site to the proper welcome spaces! 

Besides official registration, this location will have free water for pilgrims, an information 

post and a medical assistance post (for small and non-emergency health situations). 

On the check-in site, we ask that you identify the leader(s) of the group as they will be the only one(s) to go through official registration in the designated room, for the sake of simplicity. During check-in the leader will have to present the voucher that was sent to your group by email, the leaders will be given all of the group’s credentials, kits and transportation passes. Depending on the size of the group, more members can help transport the kits.

Besides this, the leader will also be receiving valuable information regarding accommodation spaces, transportation, and so on…

How to reach the check-in site

Now that you know the first stop for your group in WYD Lisbon 2023, it is important to know how to get there!

  1. From Lisbon’s Airport

In case you do not have private transport from the airport, there are several routes you can take. The links that follow below illustrate those routes. It is important to note that the routes can change at the time of your arrival in Lisbon. 

Also, because at this point you are not checked-in (you will not have access to WYD transport ticket), public transportation costs are not included in previous payments and the established fares apply. 

Possible routes from Lisbon Airport to ‘Igreja Do Santíssimo Redentor da Damaia’ :

Given this, we suggest that when your group arrives at the airport, you take the subway and then walk to the check-in location from Reboleira subway station (Blue Subway Line). It can take longer, but it is easier. The subway route is as follows in the link and the walking route takes around 15 minutes, more details follow in this link.

  1. Private Bus

In case your group has a private transport, more specifically private buses, there is a specific location you should go to.

This is because it is not possible to stop large passenger buses near the check-in location.


  • Google maps: link
  • Address: Av. Dom António Ribeiro, Amadora
  • Coordinates : 38.74326098120224, -9.226018174158861

Along the street ‘Av. Dom António Ribeiro, Amadora’, there is a space to drop-off your group that will be duly signaled. 

It is important to note that this is a place of drop-off, not parking.

When your group arrives and is dropped-off it is recommended that you walk to the check-in location. The route can be found in this link.

If you are arriving in different circumstances than in the aforementioned and have questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

Please do not forget the voucher in order for your group to be registered!


Pilgrims will be accommodated in schools, specifically within classrooms and sports halls. We kindly request you to keep this in mind and ensure to bring sleeping bags and mats. 

A smaller number of pilgrims will be allocated to Families houses. 

Information about your specific lodging will be provided at the time of check-in. Furthermore, volunteers from our parishes will be available to guide you to your accommodation.

All collective accommodation spaces are within walking distance from the check-in location.

To have a better understanding of the check-in location Igreja do/Church of Santíssimo Redentor da Damaia, all collective accommodation spaces and surroundings of the parishes of Buraca, Damaia and Venda Nova, please observe the labeled map below.


During WYD, Lisbon will be full of life and people from all around the world. In times like these, it is important to be extra aware of dangerous situations and keep an eye out in certain circumstances. 

We strongly advise you to be aware of pickpockets in public transports and to walk in groups, especially at night. 

If you find yourself in a bad situation or witness it, here are a few numbers you can contact:

Emergency: 112

Available 24h a day, every day. Calls are free and you will be attended to the nature of your emergency. Medical attention, police dispatch, and so on…

Non-emergency health line: (+351) 808 24 24 24

This health line can be used for clinical (24h attendance) or administrative (8:00h- 22:00h attendance) purposes. It helps triaging, advising and informing in health situations. This call is not free.

Missing children line: (+351) 116 000

Available 24h a day, every day. Reporting missing children and connecting with the competent authorities. Calls are free.

In your accommodations there will be first-aid kits and in Igreja do/Church of Santíssimo Redentor da Damaia there will be a 24h post where you can find help if needed.

If there is a health situation that cannot be treated by first-aid kits, you can go to a health center or to a hospital, depending on the gravity and/or timing of the situation.

The closest health centers are:

Health Center of Damaia: 

  • Address: Pç Conde da Lousã, 2720-120 Amadora
  • Location

Health Center of Buraca: 

  • Address: R. Óscar Lopes 2, 2610-179 Amadora
  • Location

Health Center of Venda Nova: 

  • Address: Rua João de Deus, 2 – Venda Nova, 2700-488 Amadora
  •  Location 

The closest hospitals are:

Fernando Fonseca Hospital:

  • Address: IC19 276, 2720-276 Amadora
  • Location

Santa Maria Hospital 

  • Address: Av. Professor Egas Moniz, 1649-035 Lisboa
  • Location

It is important to note that emergency attendance in hospitals is 24/7, while attendance of any kind in health centers is limited to working hours, as specified in the links above. If possible, talk to volunteers in a situation of emergency as they can help you navigate it more easily.

If you are in need of medication there are special locations where you can acquire them: pharmacies (‘Farmácias’ in Portuguese). There are several locations near the accommodation area for pharmacies as you can observe in the picture below:

The red dots mark some of the pharmacies. These can also be easily identified, while in the street, with a sign similar to this:

Beware that some medication requires prescription, so we strongly advise those who do take regular medication and can need it to get informed beforehand.


  • For the sake of simplicity, we ask each group that wishes to contact us to do it by e-mail ( and to always respond to the same thread of emails. In the subject of the e-mail please write: ‘Group ID_ Country _ City’.
  • There is also a phone number you can contact: (+351) 933 989 716
  • We ask you to also not forget extension cords and plug adapters (if needed), as there is a scarce number of plugs in accommodation areas.
  • In the week of WYD Lisbon 2023, it is predicted that temperatures will be high and there will be clear skies, which can lead to undesirable conditions and health situations. We ask you to be cautious and have this in mind.

Please make sure to regularly check your email as we may need to send you additional information in advance. 

We are very excited to welcome you and we hope you can fully enjoy all the experiences that World Youth Day Lisbon 2023 has to offer!